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When tasting our Partnership Italian Collection, you’ll hear Julien say the same word over and over: generous.

“Generous” is one of those wine terms, like “big” or “creamy” or “structured,” that has no real meaning until you taste a particular wine and, searching for something to describe the happenings in your mouth, it just fits.

When you taste these six wines (if you’re not slated to get this collection, you can inquire about it at, we suspect you’ll see what he means. Each wine in the collection just has so much to give – incredible layers and waves of flavor that develop as you sip.

That’s not always the case with Italian wines – some of which, historically, have been quite thin.

But here, even the wines that don’t pour huge absolutely explode on the palate (especially one of the two Chiantis in the collection)...

You’ll learn which wine Julien calls “an absolute winner for aperitifs”... the wine named after the “golden ratio” (is it really that balanced?)... which wine Julien predicts will “age really well over the next 10 years”... the “extraordinary” feature Julien calls “the marker of a super high end wine”... and more...

Click below to watch Julien taste our 2023 Italian Collection...

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Will Bonner

Bonner Private Wine Partnership