Wine Club

The Partnership

The Bonner Private Wine Partnership is a club that brings astounding wines from around the world right to your doorstep four times a year.

We put our boots on the ground to find these wines and then make deals directly with the wineries to bring them to our warehouse in California. From there, we immediately ship them to your doorstep (where we trust you’ll enjoy them responsibly).

No Ordinary “Wine Club”

Unlike wine clubs that basically sell you overpriced bulk wine (disguised with a nice label), we select small batch wines made by real winemakers for whom wine is a calling not just a job.

We also don’t “quiz” our members about their tastes (and then just send them... you guessed it... bulk wine).

Instead, we send our members wines that have something to delight and surprise everyone, no matter their taste. We don’t claim that you’ll fall in love with every single bottle. But we guarantee you will find something fascinating in each and every wine you receive.

Why Our Club Might Not Be for You

We love our wines. And we love being able to introduce new people to them.

However, the reality is that most people won’t be a great fit for this opportunity (even if they claim they like wine)...

If that mass-produced, factory wine bottle sitting on your kitchen counter suits you perfectly fine... (even if the winery that produced it looks like an oil refinery).

If you rely on labels, points, and blind tastings to tell you what’s good (despite the rampant point inflation among wine critics and the fact that label designations often force wineries to choose between making good wine and getting a higher price per bottle).

 If you don’t care about chemicals hiding in your wine...

(heard of mega-purple dye? oak extract? Yes, they’re very real. But even worse, a 2013 study in France found potentially harmful pesticides in 90% of supermarket wines.)

If you think that a higher price always means a better wine...
(despite knowing that for a $100 bottle of wine, only $20 went into the actual winemaking) ... then I can’t promise you’ll get much value out of being a member of the Bonner Private Wine Partnership.

We seek honest wines that don’t need to hide behind excess filtration, additives, labels, and phony inflated pricing. We want every ‘pop’ of a cork to be an you can enjoy alone or with your loved ones (responsibly of course)!

Your Membership

At the moment, the club is by invitation only. We don’t do this to be “exclusive.” Frankly, we’d love to see our wines on every kitchen counter in America. The reason we do not allow open enrollment is that our wines don’t come from factory vineyards. And because these wines tend to be in limited supply, we cannot accept more members than we can realistically supply.

If you're interested in joining the club, simply enter your email below and you will be notified once a spot in the Partnership becomes available.

Bonner Private Wine Partnership