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War in the Calchaquí!

On a cold night on the high plains… 12,000 feet above the world… a fire raged. The flames lit shadowy figures, currently at work ripping up a water line that ran along the desert floor. Suddenly – a loud crack. The figures froze. The ceiling beams of the small cottage...

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Last Week’s Q&A with Julien Miquel

Have you seen Julien Miquel’s Q&A video, yet? He tackles such subjects as “what do I drink with surf n’ turf?” ... “what kind of wine glasses should I buy?” ... “the trick to buying a bottle of wine that everyone will enjoy?”... “how the Partnership selects its...

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Rattlesnake wine, plus Julien’s Q&A

“If disease comes for the vines, it will kill the roses first,” explained our host. Sipping a merlot rosé out on the patio of a winery near the ruined Roman town of Volubilis, we had wondered aloud why each vine row had at its head a rose bush.Siroua – a peppery...

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Forbidden Wine of the Atlas Mountains

In the foothills of the Atlas Mountains lies a ruined town. A colonnade traces the outline of the old main street, ending at a stone arch, raised in honor of some triumph long forgotten.The old main street in the town of Volubilis For nearly three hundred years,...

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Update from the Argentine Harvest

It looks to be a warm week in the Calchaquí Valley. One last burst before winter. Up at the higher elevations (8,000 feet and above), the winds of winter have already begun to arrive – blowing away the oxygen, so the locals say. Thankfully, the harvests are all done...

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Sauv Blanc from the Fault Zone

No weekly video from Julien this week as he has been hard at work preparing the tasting video for our Australia/New Zealand collection. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out here… Well, we missed out on a big family gathering this Easter. No children...

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Taste Your Aussie/NZ Wine Collection with Julien Miquel

Dear Member, All of our wines from Australia and New Zealand have shipped. In your case you will discover a beautifully deep, spiced shiraz from a vineyard that spends much of the year under water…A sauvignon blanc from a terroir so special that more than 400 French...

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The Rusted Roots of Coonawarra

Last week, we took you on a tour of two Australian vineyards: Langmeil, with its 19th century shiraz vines (the oldest in the world), and Helen & Joey and their cool pinot noir. This week, we continue our journey into the antipodes with what is perhaps the...

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John Wayne in a Flower Shirt

Syrah is a hard wine. A dry wine. It is perhaps the most similar to malbec of all the European varietals. Karen MacNeil once said syrah reminded her of “the guy who wears cowboy boots with his tuxedo.” In other words, that most manly of men. Shiraz, the Australian...

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Can you talk like a sommelier?

Well, a week into our unofficial quarantine, we finally caved… We opened up our Manzanos 2008 about five years earlier than we had intended. It was a happy accident. More on that in a moment... But first, if you had to use the word “cuvée” in a sentence, could you?...

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