The rain has been tapping on the skylight above us all day. You certainly couldn’t grow grape vines here in Ireland.

The good news is that you can reach through an open window or cracked door in just about every part of the Dublin and exchange a five euro note for a glass, pausing to sip it down right there on the street... all in the middle of a level 5 lockdown (the highest level restriction in Ireland).

Not that we’re doing so, of course. Since arriving, we’ve been in a 14-day “self-isolation,” which means... well no one’s quite sure.

You can go to the shop (where we picked a cozy bottle of Cune Crianza – 90 pts from both Parker and Wine Spectator – perfect for darkness at 5 pm). You can go take some air at the local park. You can probably even stop for a sip on a street corner, like everyone else seems to be doing.

A man could get used to pandemics in such a city.

We’ll get back to our regular programming next week. Until then...

Should you be avoiding sulfites? In this week’s video, resident expert Julien Miquel demystifies wine’s most misunderstood additive… from how they appear naturally… to their double benefit (and a few concerns)… historical alternatives (the Romans favored what?)... plus the modern, highly technical “natural” wines claiming to be sulfite-free…

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