Have you seen Julien Miquel’s Q&A video, yet?

He tackles such subjects as “what do I drink with surf n’ turf?” ... “what kind of wine glasses should I buy?” ... “the trick to buying a bottle of wine that everyone will enjoy?”... “how the Partnership selects its wines?” ... “what’s the cleanest wine region?” ... and much more...

If you haven’t watched yet, you can do so below.

In the Q&A, Julien referenced a couple of his older tasting lessons. You can find those below, along with a few other favorites that you may have missed.

Julien explains decanting: https://youtu.be/SMIC8m1Joss

Rule of thumb: a half an hour in the decanter won’t hurt your red wine. However, most people still don’t use their decanters correctly. In the video above, Julien sets us all straight.

Julien’s tasting for the Australia/New Zealand wines: https://youtu.be/BdiHkJ_1n0E

Some of our newer members missed the Australia/New Zealand shipment. And the rest of us could surely use a refresher too. In the above video, Julien takes on a tour of the Partnership’s AUS/NZ collection.

Julien’s journey into the world of corkscrews



That’s it for this week... Next time, we’ll give you an update on some extraordinary (and rather worrisome) events taking place out at the world’s last wild frontier – the Calchaqui Valley.

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