“A stallion of wine – a little wild – but kind and generous on the inside,” says Julien about Calchaquí winemaker Augustín Lanús’ contribution to your 2022 Calchaqui Collection.

Julien goes deep within this “muscular and powerful” wine to find raspberry, white pepper, fennel and a “delicately grassy freshness.”

You can learn more in Julien’s official tasting for your 2022 Calchaquí Valley Collection (shipping now to your doorstep).

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The super-ager (15 year cellar potential) Julien calls “a wine for real connoisseurs... seriously, incredibly dark.”

Another super-ager (15 years) but with a twist... As Julien explains, it’s “a more pinot-noir approach to Argentine wine but bigger,” with “tannins like little fireworks... bright citrus notes...little explosions all around the mouth; berries, spices, ground pepper.” (This is one you could save for summer.)

The Raúl Dávalos contribution Julien calls “serene... calm... rare... spectacular.”


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