Ladies and gents… we’ve got new French wines on the way! Expect more info on that in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’ll take a break from our regular programming to enjoy a short French wine “masterclass” with Julien Miquel… A bientôt les amis!

1. An Introduction to French Whites & Rosé: France Wine Tour Part 1

To start off, we’ll revisit Julien’s two-part tour of France and its terroirs, starting with French whites & rosés… His objective: to make you a French wine expert by the time your next collection of wines arrives…

2. A Taste of the Best French Wines: France Wine Tour Part 2

In part 2, Julien teaches us about French reds… from the Northern regions of Burgundy, Beaujolais, and the Loire Valley… to the Southern Rhône Valley, the famous Bordeaux Châteaux, and the sweet and dry reds of Languedoc-Roussillon.

3. Why is ‘Estate-bottled’ important? A History of ‘Mise en Bouteille au Château’

Are you buying wine labeled “estate-bottled”? It may matter more than you think. In this video, Julien shares the secret history of the wine industry… including the reason a lot of older French vintages aren’t actually from where they say they are... the 1855 event that changed how estates sell their wine… why the “where” in bottling wine matters... and much more..

4. American Vs French Oak in Wine

Julien discusses why winemakers (and you) pay a premium for French oak… why American oak is so much cheaper... how French oak became the standard… and the surprising reason it might not matter at all…

5. Red Wine Styles: Rhône Versus Bordeaux. What’s Important to Know?

Bordeaux vs. Rhône: which steak-friendly red wine style pairs best with your palate? In this tasting video, Julien explains the differences between the two… fresh, acidic fruits versus rich jamminess and spice… the importance of the “tannic structure”... how to find your preferred style in any country… and more…

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