“When I smell this wine, I am transported to Tuscany – the warm cypress trees… the earth… the hot summer in the hills... it certainly has the signature of the Chianti terroir in it.”

But Julien’s not talking about one of the two Chiantis in our Italian Collection.

You can find out which of our six Italian wines Julien’s talking about – and a lot more – in his complete tasting of our 2021 Italian Collection. Simply click below to view right now.

Not only will Julien’s expertise and decades of winemaking knowledge give you a fuller appreciation for these six wines... he’ll also suggest the best food pairings for each one (fried chicken anyone?).

You’ll discover which wine reminded him of “chili-infused dark chocolate”... which wine smells “like I just made myself an espresso”... which wine claims the title for the biggest in the collection... and a whole lot more, too.

Simply click below for Julien’s Italian Collection tasting.

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