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How Virginia Won World’s Best Wine

Sperryville, Virginia The air hangs heavy on the front porch of this old Colonial house. White paint flakes off the column to our left. In front of us, off in the distance, the crests and troughs of the Blue Ridge Mountains roll on westward.  For a moment, we...

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Trickery at America’s “Highest Winery”

“Anyone can produce a great wine… But it takes a genius to sell one,” our neighbor, the wine magnate Donald Hess, told us once.  Sometimes the geniuses try a little too hard, as we discovered in Colorado recently. America is not known for its high-altitude wines. Not...

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Your Wine Tasting Video Is Ready

Your Italian wine tasting video with French winemaker Julien Miquel is ready for release. By now, you should have received your shipment of Italian wines. If not, don't worry, they've been shipped and are on their way to you. You’ll discover snapshots of the producers...

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How We Protect Your Wine From the Heat

Annapolis, MD So, we’ve received queries from a few members to the effect of: “It’s the dead of summer… and I live in Texas… I’m afraid that my Italian wines are going to get cooked before they reach me.” That’s a real concern; you’re right to bring that up. There’s...

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I Love Brett

New York, NY “I want it to taste like someone stuffed gym socks in the bottle.” Across the table, C. raised her eyebrows. The sommelier smiled and walked away. “Dear, this is a nice restaurant,” C. began. “They’re not going to have wine that tastes like...” Suddenly,...

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Argentina Awarded Top Wine Spot

Delray Beach, FL Shockwaves rippled through the wine world last week with the release of the annual Top 50 World’s Best Vineyards list.  The top spot – chosen by the “Academy,” a group of 500 sommeliers, wine connoisseurs, and hoteliers – went not to France, Italy, or...

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Confessions of a Wine Salesman

Delray Beach, FL – We had occasion this past weekend to thumb through a copy of What Makes a Wine Worth Drinking by Terry Theise. If the name is unfamiliar, Theise is both a writer and an importer, a combination which is to the world of wine what being a...

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“Natural” Wine?

“Look at that sediment,” C said. “It’s almost like apple cider.”  We were inspecting a cloudy bottle of “natural” sparkling wine we had recently received in the mail. As staunch critics of mass market wines and industrial winemaking, it is often expected that we...

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No, Most Wines Aren’t Meant for the Cellar

“The wines are on their way!” said Diego. We let out a whoop. After months and months, we finally had our Italian wines crossing the ocean to our warehouse in California. We had been surprised at how long it took, even after all our deals were in place, to get our...

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Are You Drinking “Cloned” Wine?

Annapolis, MD40 years ago, in the dead of night, a thief stole Burgundy’s greatest wine secret.Sneaking onto a vineyard on a moonless night, an American named Gary is said to have crouched down by a pinot noir vine, clipped a few branches, wrapped them in...

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