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Introducing Your Spanish Wines!

“Nearly perfect,” pronounced winemaker Julien Miquel when he tasted our “Papa” wine from a little-known Spanish region called Valdeorras. We thought so too. And in fact, the Valdeorras region is already recieving rave reviews among critics. Says Julien: “this is going...

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Celtic Spain

If Spanish wine is a story of rivers – the Ebro in Rioja, the Duero in Ribera – then Galicia is the story of the Sil river, which also originates in the Cantabrian mountains, but flows due west out toward the Atlantic Ocean, slicing deep, narrow canyons into the...

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Did you happen to catch this at the Golden Globes?

Last Sunday, Hollywood’s elite gathered at the world-famous Beverly Hills Hilton to eat vegan food (oh, Los Angeles…), hand out awards, and most importantly… drink some rather familiar-looking wines…The dinner menu and wine list from the Golden Globes ceremonyIn case...

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Feliz Año Nuevo!

Feliz Año Nuevo! We begin this new year with the matter of Spain. Most people don’t give it a second thought as a wine region. Until we recently, we’ll admit we’d only tasted Rioja, the most famous of their denominacións de origen (the Spanish equivalent of the French...

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Your Christmas Wine Guide

Marrakesh, Morocco We’re on the road in Marrakesh this week, so we’ll keep it short (they’ve been making wine here since the Phoenicians invaded around 4,000 years ago. More on that in a future missive.) But we did want to touch base about your wine selection for...

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Argentina: The Deal of the Century

“We just paid $47 for a three-person steak dinner at one of the best steakhouses in the world!” Will reported. Last week, half the Bonner Private Wine Partnership team – Will, Diego, and Julien – were on a whirlwind trip around Argentina. Their mission was two-fold:...

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Will and Julien Explore Argentina

Buenos Aires, AR Half the team (Will and Julien) is on the ground in Northwestern Argentina checking in on the growing season (now at the halfway mark) and sampling some new wines from local winemakers. Expect a full report soon... Will says he may have a line on one...

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How to Pair Wine with Thanksgiving

Baltimore, MD We’re writing to you a little earlier than usual this week regarding a serious matter. What wine(s) will you be serving at Thanksgiving this year? And if you’re visiting friends or relatives for Thanksgiving, then what will you be bringing with you? If...

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Beaujolais Time!

Baltimore, MD This week, wine lovers the world over celebrate the release of Beaujolais Nouveau…  Curious about just what it is that makes the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau at the conclusion of each year’s harvest such an anticipated event? French winemaker Julien...

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