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A rose dipped in tar

“Would you be interested in meeting a beautiful woman with a delicious Barolo?” he asked. How could we say no? Barolo, from the Nebbiolo grape, is one of Italy’s most prized wines. The name “Nebbiolo” is thought to refer to the clouds of fog that so often carpet the...

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What You Need to Know About 2014 Italian Wines

Annapolis, MD“We only have the 2014 Brunello but it’s good. We were very selective during the harvest,” said the young Italian man.“Mmm, well what’s your price?” we asked.“Oh at least $30,” he said.“Good luck to you,” we responded, walking away.Diego...

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Thoughts on Torrontes?

Washington, DC Back in the US for a brief pit stop before heading to Verona.But right now, we’d like to pick your brain about something we came across in Argentina...Have you ever had Torrontés? It’s not a common white wine here in America where tastes tend towards...

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Hello from Argentina!

Hello from Argentina!

Calchaqui Valley, Argentina (9,000 feet above sea level) Here in northwestern Argentina, the poplar trees are turning yellow. It’s the end of summer (we’re in the southern hemisphere), which means the local children must soon descend from their small, isolated family...

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