It’s Almost Impossible to Find This Extreme Altitude Wine on American Shores…Yet, I’d Like to Send It Directly to Your Doorstep for $1…

  • From the World’s Most Extreme ‘High-Altitude’ Terroir
  • A Tradition 200 Years in the Making
  • Handpicked Grapes Fed with Pure, Nutrient-Rich Snowmelt
  • A Special Type of Vine Long Extinct in Europe
  • A wine with a rare vibrancy and notes of pepper, cacao, and mint…
  • ZERO unnecessary chemicals or flavor extracts
  • ZERO excessive filtration
  • ZERO oak
  • Indigenous yeast

“Way out at what felt like the end of the earth, I found a family that had been making wine for 200 years…critics rave about this wine… but up until now it’s been impossible to find here in America.” 

– Will Bonner, Founder, Bonner Private Wine Partnership

Those Who Don’t Love Adventure Need Not Apply…

Flash-floods…roaring winds…steep, unpaved roads that suddenly give way to hidden valleys…and thousand feet drops… take the two-day journey to find these unique wines and you’ll understand why they’re so rare in the US…

Wines from the Last Wild Frontier

Northwestern Argentina is a land never quite conquered… where cowboys still sleep under the stars using their saddle bags as pillows…where women work looms under the early dawn’s first light…where the nearest city is six-hours away across a jagged mountain landscape…

It’s also home to a small brotherhood of men making wines that simply cannot exist anywhere else…

The Secret to a Great Wine

(and Why These Deep Red Wines Will Surprise and Delight You and Your Friends)

✓ Poor Soil (dry, dusty: excellent for grapes)
✓ Bad Weather (no rain, strong winds)
✓ Thin Atmosphere (breathing is hard work)
✓ Extreme UV levels (80% more intense than Bordeaux)
✓ Temperature drops as much as 77 degrees at night!
✓ Vines of an old Malbec variety that disappeared from Europe long ago (they were brought over before ‘The Great Blight’ wiped out European varietals in the 19th century)

A Wine 200 Years in the Making

✓ High concentrations of polyphenols like resveratrol* – the powerful anti-oxidant that prevent free-radical damage…possibly protecting you from things like cancer and dementia
✓ Inky color so concentrated it turns even stainless steel bright red!
✓ Clean, pure wine (high altitude growing conditions have virtually zero pests and fungus – unlike wet regions like Bordeaux and Champagne)
✓ Bio-Dynamic (not for marketing purposes like a lot of so-called ‘organic’ wines in the US…but simply because that’s just the way they’ve always been made)
✓ Notes of fresh blackberry, charred earth, licorice, balsamic and leather
✓ Round, firm tannins

*though lab testing has not yet been done, it is thought that polyphenol levels may be more than 10 TIMES that of other wines

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A Letter From Will Bonner, founder, Bonner Private Wine Partnership

Some years ago, my father, Bill, and I bought a ranch in the foothills of the Andes mountains in Northwestern Argentina…

There, I fell in love with the “old world” tradition of wine… and discovered how large importers often ignore exceptional winemakers if they are too far from a major port or produce too few bottles…

When I came back to the US, I had an idea: if I could bring together enough wine lovers to fill a whole shipping container with wine…then I’d be able to bring these fantastic, overlooked wines to America… many for the first time ever!

 So I brought together a few friends (including a top international sommelier and a retired winemaker from France’s most famous winery) to do just that…

…thus the Bonner Private Wine Partnership was born.

The Bonner Private Wine Partnership is by invitation only.

Not because we want to be “exclusive” but because the wineries we partner with only put out a limited amount of wine. While we’d love to see these bottles on every kitchen table in America, it simply isn’t possible.

This page is your invitation to join us and claim six great bottles of Argentine wine (including our most popular bottle for just $1!)

Please note that if we do not have any open spots left, you will be admitted to our waitlist. Once a member, you’ll receive a collection of fine wine every quarter (4x a year). There’s no obligation though. You can call us to cancel at any time.

(you can review my offer on the next page)

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