Reporting from Argentina, I find myself in the midst of an economic maelstrom, with the landscape shifting like the Patagonian winds. As Joel Bowman, a writer for Bonner Private Research, and a dear friend with whom I always look forward to raising a glass in Buenos Aires puts it, with his characteristic blend of wit and wisdom: "Needless to say, and much to the chagrin of catastrophizing snowflakes everywhere, life here in the Paris of the South goes on. Folks reading in cafés... enjoying the parks... strolling the plazas..." His remarks, often laced with irony, defy the doomsday narratives spun by the popular press.

At the campo (farm), the corn still needs harvesting, the vines demand attention, and chickens and cows rely on their daily care. This relentless cycle of nature and nurture doesn't pause for economic upheaval.

Amidst these trying times, many Argentine winemakers are cautiously holding their stock, awaiting a more stable economic footing before releasing their products to the market. This strategic pause, while a direct response to the current uncertainties, also reflects the deeper understanding and patience inherent in wine culture — the knowledge that timing can be everything.

The cost of moving our wine from the Salta vineyards to Mendoza for export has skyrocketed, a stark indicator of the economic turbulence we're navigating. But, like a good malbec vine, we've got resilience in our roots.

Your support as members of our wine club has been invaluable, a true partnership that has enabled growth and kept the spirit of winemaking alive in these uncertain times. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing winemakers with whom we work grow from humble beginnings to owning their own bodegas, all thanks to your unwavering support for their quality wines.

Asados and wine remain the lifeblood of our culture here, even as we adapt to leaner times. Fewer cuts of meat on the grill, perhaps, but the conviviality of friends and the clink of wine glasses endure — the true essence of Argentine hospitality.

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As Joel reflects, humanity has always stood at the 'End of the World,' on the precipice of all that has come before us. We look out into an unknown abyss… yet history reveals cycles of rise and fall, of empires and cultures. Times of difficulty often precede ease & prosperity. And as Cicero stated, "The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory." We are ready to chart a new journey in our history, embracing both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

So, as we navigate these choppy waters, let's raise a glass to the resilience of the Argentine spirit, to the uncharted territories we have yet to explore, and to the enduring allure of discovering something new in every bottle.

Salud to perseverance, adaptability, and the uncharted adventures that await us in the days to come.


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