“Nearly perfect,” pronounced winemaker Julien Miquel when he tasted our “Papa” wine from a little-known Spanish region called Valdeorras. We thought so too. And in fact, the Valdeorras region is already recieving rave reviews among critics. Says Julien: “this is going to put Spain on the map.”

But that’s just one of the six incredible Spanish bottles we’ve sourced after many months spent exploring Spain.

You’ll also discover a red with a fascinating hint of black olive...a 5 year old aged wine with rare notes of ashes and coffee...a wine made next door to one of the greatest vintages of all time...a wine with a splash of juice from the strange “black bastard” grape (made at a winery from 1886)...and a wine from the bodega that Tim Atkins calls “a revelation”...

We can’t wait for you to taste these wines. Before you do, be sure to check out Julien Miquel’s quick tasting guide. You can access it by clicking below...

NOTE: Julien refers to the winemaker of El Sacramento as Etienne Cordonnier. You’ll see in your booklet that we list the winemaker there as Jesus Velilla. Etienne is actually the owner, though he works closely with Jesus in the winemaking process.


Will Bonner

Bonner Private Wine Partnership