From the legendary Gualfin ranch... 8,421 feet above the world...

Your Special Access to the 2020 Tacana Malbec!

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Dear Fellow Wine Lover,

Several years ago, when we first released Tacana Malbec, we sold out the entire vintage in 24 hours.

The same happened recently when we released the first half of the 2020 vintage to our private list of Tacana-only buyers.

Today, we release our remaining reserve cases to you.

Tacana comes from our own extreme altitude vineyard, located on the Bonner family ranch of Gualfin, in the Argentine frontier land of the Calchaquí Valley.

This year was more challenging than others... the rain, a global shipping jam, the economic crisis in Argentina, the originarios, the road getting shut down... We had grave doubts... and every year, it seems to get harder.

But, in spite of all that, the Tacana 2020 vintage is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER!

If you've never tasted Tacana before, it’s more intense than the wine you’re probably used to. Goes great with meat. The Argentines drink it with their big steaks, for example... We drink it with everything, everyday!

Our stock is very limited, so don't delay. Simply click the button below to reserve your TACANA 2020 wine.


Will Bonner

Founder, Bonner Private Wine Partnership

P.S. If you'd like to learn more about Tacana and our ranch, Gualfin, read on below.

Our extreme altitude vineyard at Gualfin

We didn’t buy Gualfin to grow grapes. We bought it as a cattle ranch before discovering it was too remote, too high, and too dry to sustain the kind of herd we wanted.

It just so happened that the previous owner had planted a small vineyard of malbec – 8,421 ft – at a three-hour ride from the main ranch house. By the time we discovered it, the vines were overgrown. It took us over a year to clean it up, then several more to teach our gauchos, more comfortable roping bulls, to harvest the grapes.

When we finally had a decent harvest – back in 2012 – we took the grapes to our closest neighbor (a mere hour’s drive away), winemaker Raul Davalos.

The resulting wine was so inky red it almost looked black. It smelled of blackberry, leather, and smoke. When you sipped it, you got a zing! of cherry and cloves. I had never had wine like that before. Even among extreme altitude malbecs, I’ve never had another like it since.

Raul was pleased. He proclaimed it “almost as good as mine.” A high compliment. Although almost impossible to find in the US, his wine gets 90+ points from Robert Parker.

We imported Tacana – then called Valle de Salta – for the first time in 2013, for my sister’s wedding. That was a party for the ages. I remember a family member saying “who knew our relatives could dance like that?”

Tacana is a wine that brings people together. But its depth and complexity make it perfect for moments spent alone, too. You’ll find that each sip lingers on the palate, gradually revealing new flavors, like mint and black pepper.

“The blackberry and cassis expression here is astonishing... you just want to dig into it.”

- Julien Miquel, International Winemaker.

It’s biodynamic – so no pesticides. And when we tested it recently, we found Tacana has almost zero residual sugar (0.1 m/L compared to 13.8 g/L in a common supermarket wine).

Wines like this are naturally higher in polyphenols like resveratrol (the Reserva has 7x resveratrol levels of other wines). But we also discovered that Tacana is high in anthocyanins (nearly 2x), another type of polyphenol with possible benefits for cancer prevention, weight maintenance, and stamina.

✓ Biodynamic
✓ Small batch (only 4,000 bottles made)
✓ Exclusive to Our List (ie you)
✓ Extreme Altitude (8,421 ft.)
✓ Winemaker: Raul Davalos
✓ Low Sugar
✓ High Polyphenol/Antioxidant
✓ Flavors of blackberry, cherry, pepper, leather, smoke, mint, cloves
✓ Can Age 5-10 Years
Gualfin – and the greater Calchaquí – is a special place. You wear long sleeves and hats to avoid the high intensity UV light. You walk slowly so as not to use too much oxygen. And if you want to make a lot of money in the wine or cattle business, you’re best advised to hop on the next flight out of town.

Yet there’s a feeling you get, when you’re out riding under the biggest sky you’ve ever seen... or resting your head under millions of bright stars... or listening to huge winds tear across the valley floor... it’s a feeling of freedom... of possibilities as boundless as the open plain itself.

Bill checking the harvest 

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