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"Like us, I’m sure you love these unique, robustly flavorful and all-natural wines… But the problem is, they’ve been impossible to find here in America. Until now, that is…”

- Will Bonner, Founder, Bonner Private Wine Partnership

Finding a wine that is truly “alive”... those unique, hard to find great ones, takes some serious legwork...

For example, our Argentinian Calchaquí wine is almost impossible to find here in America... you can’t even get it at the finest restaurant in Manhattan.

Entire vintages sell out in 24 hours to secret lists of rich private buyers.

A single bottle – if you can even find it to buy it retail – can go for over $500...

A rare bottle from the Calchaqui

When I popped my first bottle of this bold wine... I first got a hint of smoke... vanishingly short (the locals claim it comes from cattle drive campfires that so often burn out on the high plains nearby)

...then came the blackberry, the herbs, the leather... and just a hint of charred earth rolling across my palate... delivering an incredible, rugged mouthfeel.

A deep, intense wine… so dark it looks almost black!

In that moment, I was instantly transported… To this land where cowboys still sleep under the stars using their saddle bags as pillows… where a small brotherhood of winemakers – operating at what feels like the edge of the earth – follow a tradition 200 years old...

Wines from the Edge of the World

Argentina’s Northwest Frontier – The End of the World...

Winemakers, they say, like their grapes to get a bit of challenge. But here, they cling to the very edge of survival. 

Were they any other kind of grapes...they’d probably never make it...

Long Extinct in Europe, an Old Vine Lives on Here

Nearly two hundred years ago, a few brave souls carried malbec grapes across the Andes from a port in Chile.

A good thing too...because after malbec arrived in Argentina, all the European malbec got wiped out (along with most of Europe’s grapes) in an event called the “The Great Blight.”

But the blight never touched the remote, isolated wineries of the Calchaquí. Today, the old French vines remain there today...much older than any you’ll find in Bordeaux.

30 years is considered old in most parts of the wine world... in the Calchaquí, a third of vines are older than 100 years...

In such an extreme environment, these “lost vines” yield a third of what they should...

… so for making money, it’s a losing proposition...

...especially given the near-total lack of modern machinery and the fact that the nearest port is about 1,000 miles away.

But as you know, they also produce a very unique, one of a kind wine… First time drinkers often note its inky, near-black color.

So opaque they call it ‘black wine’

That’s a tell-tale sign of extreme levels of resveratrol.

Here’s what we found when we had a certified lab test our extreme altitude malbec against a common California red:

  • ✓ 10 TIMES more resveratrol
  • ✓ 93% less sugar
  • ✓ 80% higher levels of anthocyanin (an antioxidant that lab and animal models suggest has a “anti-angiogenetic” effect, which is to say that it may inhibit tumor growth)

Your Extreme Altitude Malbec (10,800 ft)

(No Filtration, Natural Fermentation)

"The Malbec from the Top of the World"

This isn't just any wine...

This malbec comes from the world's 2nd highest vineyard... at 10,800 ft.

That's the highest vineyard in South America!

And is aged in the old barium sulfate mine Cava Mina Moya (the highest altitude wine cellar in the world; higher even than the vineyard, at 12,100 feet).

To say importing a wine like this is rare would be an understatement…

In fact, back in 2018 the world famous Master of Wine - Tim Atkin, put out a plea on Twitter for someone in the US to import this wine...

Well, after months of negotiations, sharing a couple bottles of wine, and a brisk handshake (more binding than a signature in the mountains of Argentina), we pulled it off. And now you can benefit from our efforts…

The wine itself is so limited in production and located so remote from any civilization that the winemaker himself simply scribbled down our deal on a scrap of paper...

That's just the way it works in the Calchaqui Valley. Everything is still done on a very human level. And we like it that way…

Make no mistake… The Bonner Private Wine Partnership is the ONLY place in the US where you can get a bottle of 2018 Uraqui

To find this bottle on your own, you'd have to be willing to endure the near three days worth of plane flights and four-wheeler rides up steep mountains just to get there.

Not to mention, the massive cost of purchasing these wines and then getting them safely back home - provided you didn’t break any bottles getting back down the mountains... a very common occurrence.

Safe to say, the cost to even do that is in the thousands.

Unless you “know someone” that is... which is where the Partnership comes in to play. We do the dirty work (at times, literally!) and you gain access to incredible wines like this one.

Uraqui is NOT available at your local supermarket. Or even that nearby fine wine shop. You’ll never see it in your local bins…

Yet, I’d like to send a bottle of the Uraqui 2018— right to your doorstep.

Plus, I’ll also include five more bottles created in the shadow of the Andes Mountains... the best of what Argentine, traditional, small-batch winemaking has to offer.

And there’s no financial risk to you either... More on that in second... First, I want to tell you about the rest of your wines included in this fantastic collection of Argentine wines...

Special Release: Bodega Ayni Vino Tinto Uraqui Red Blend | 2018 | Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina

Malbec from the top of the world

-From the 2nd highest vineyard in the world at 10,800 ft (highest vineyard in South America)...
-Never-before-imported into the US...
-Extremely limited production: Only 1,000 bottles made...

The 2018 Vino Tinto Uraqui combines grapes from two vineyards in Quebrada de Humahuaca, one at 8,800 feet above sea level and the other at 10,800 feet - the 2nd highest vineyard in the world. This blend of 60% Malbec, 30% Syrah and 10% Merlot is not aged in oak, and is made in as hands off an approach as possible. The wine is aged in the old barium sulfate mine Cava Mina Moya (the highest altitude wine cellar in the world; higher even than the vineyard at 12,100 feet).

Ayni winery is dedicated to making its production as eco-friendly and low impact as possible by growing organically, producing their own compost for the vineyards, and doing the harvest & much of the production by hand.

The result is a shimmering deep violet wine, with a range of herbal notes, black fruit, cassis and truffle. Intense and bold in the mouth, the juicy palate brings both lightness and body.

Also Included in This One-Of-A-Kind Argentine Collection...

Your Bottle of Finca Gaulfin Tacana Malbec 2021 (8,421 ft)

Tacana is the Bonner’s very first wine - from Finca Gualfin - the Bonner family ranch, the wine which originally gave rise to the Partnership.

Pucarilla vineyard, discovered by Bill and his sons, is home to rows of old-growth malbec still on their original rootstock, completely unaffected by phylloxera. Pucarilla sits at more than 8,400 feet of elevation, a tiny green valley high in the dry & rocky mountains. Snowmelt and careful management of rainwater keep the vines producing.

Rich cocoa, dark purple fruits, soft tannins. Fresh, free of cloying oak flavor, yet plush in mouthfeel. An intense, layered experience.

Your Bottle of Puramun Reserva Malbec 2016 (95 pts)

In 2010, Argentina’s “most important winemaker” Pepe Galante walked away from the legendary Catena winery after 34 years at the helm. (Catena regularly gets 90+ points from critics).

As it turned out, he was leaving to do something special: to handcraft his first personal, 100% family-owned wine, Puramun. (Only 4,000 cases a year.)

The wine has received rave reviews from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (92 pts) and wine competition judge Tim Atkin (95 pts), who praised its “elegant…subtle spices, well integrated oak and silky, palate-caressing tannins.”

Your Bottle of Lamadrid Malbec Gran Reserva 2016 (91 pts)

Lamadrid Estate wines are born from a delicate balance between the work at the vineyard and the vinification process. Lamadrid’s mission is to be the best representation of its unique Agrelo terroir. This beautiful and age-worthy expression of classic malbec comes from the 90 year-old Matilde vineyard. It takes 3 vines to make just 1 bottle.

Deep purple. Lavender, plum, blueberry, tobacco and licorice on the nose. It’s medium-bodied with silky tannins and a juicy palate. Fresh and fruity.

Your Bottle of Casarena Cabernet Franc 2018 (92 pts)

In 2007, a group of friends began restoring an old sandstone winery from the 1930s in Luján de Cuyo. By 2011, their wines were placing among the top 2% of vintages worldwide.

Agrelo is THE spot for cab franc in Argentina. Stick your nose in there for tell-tale cab franc aromas: black fruit and bell pepper. Then pour a glass to enjoy the unique, stony mouthfeel – think less plush Burgundian, more ‘high plains drifter.’ 92 pts (James Suckling), 92 pts (Tim Atkin).

Your Bottle of Anko Flor de Cardon Malbec 2018 (93 pts)

The vines of Anko grow in the shadow of giant cacti in the desert lands outside of Salta (the city nearest to the Calchaquí Valley). To quote Anko winemaker Jeff Mausbach, “Salta is a land of extremes – extreme beauty, extreme altitude, extreme sunlight. These extremes make for a singular expression of malbec – powerful, structured wines with a savory minerality that is very different from other regions in Argentina.”

This is an extremely small batch wine – 1,000 cases only. You’re going to taste the desert – a product of the crushed mica in the razor-thin topsoil. This malbec is also a consistent 90+ winner, receiving rave reviews from James Suckling (93 pts) and Wine Spectator (92 pts), who praised its “creamy midpalate, with a long, intense finish.”

Your First 6 Bottles of Dark Red Wines...

(including the 10,800 ft. Uraqui 2018 & 8,421 ft. Tacana 2021)...


Shipped (free!) Right To Your Doorstep...

You might assume these bottles are expensive… and they can be, depending on where you buy them. (If you can find them at all…)

But they will not be expensive for you... for the simple reason that we don’t pay retail... and neither will you.

Americans have been trained to think that a good wine must be more expensive.

But that’s simply not the case. Let me explain…

Let’s say a bottle costs $100 retail... how much of that $100 is actually paying for the wine?

About $20. That’s it.

The rest? Marketing costs and the layers of markups in the dreaded “3-tier system”… But I’m able to bypass that system… it’s one of the many perks I enjoy as head of America’s only wine partnership, called The Bonner Private Wine Partnership. And when you join us, you’ll gain that huge price advantage, too.

We’re a private group of wine lovers who source seldom-imported foreign wines directly... avoiding the usual middlemen, bad wine, or inflated pricing.

All year round, Diego, Barry, and me scour the globe for great wine, making deals directly with vineyards... mostly small batch places just like Sunal… And that brings me to the wines I’d like to send to your doorstep today.

Your First Shipment Selection

Your bottle of 2021 Tacana Malbec, from the Bonner family ranch, the wine which originally gave rise to the Partnership... 

Your extreme altitude bottle of 2018 Uraqui (10,800 ft)...

Your bottle of 2016 Puramun Reserva, from Argentina’s top winemaker Pepe Galante (95 pts)...

Your bottle of 2016 Lamadrid Malbec Gran Reserva (91 pts), from 90 year old vines...

Your bottle of Casarena Cabernet Franc 2018 from the top spot for cab franc in Argentina...

Your bottle of Anko Flor de Cardon (93 pts) from Salta aka "the land of extremes"... 

And in addition to your wines, there’s something else I want to give you today, too. While you wait for your collection to arrive, you’ll receive two special, exclusive e-books, written especially for club members by top international sommelier, Nigel Tollerman.

Nigel is a certified sommelier from Argentina’s top Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers. You may have seen him on the Food Network and National Geographic.

I think you’ll find these e-books fun to read and highly educating...

As a fellow wine adventurer, they’re yours FREE to read and enjoy. And you get access to them the instant you sign up...
You’ll also receive a bonus tasting video with our veteran Bordeaux winemaker Julien Miquel.

Julien has made wines all over the world, including at Chateau Margaux, perhaps the most famous winery in France.

He’ll take you through a virtual tasting for three of your wines making you an expert in Argentine wine by the time your bottles arrive. (Adding a bit of knowledge adds a lot more enjoyment… and a much deeper, richer experience to your wine tasting…)

Affordable Pleasure

Okay, so now that you’re intrigued, how much is a quarterly membership to the Bonner Private Wine Partnership?

Well, as I said earlier, a single case of Calchaquí wine goes for $450... and they sell out an entire vintage in less than 24 hours...

And I’ve seen bottles of a certain high-altitude wine being sold for as much as $598 for a single bottle (that would be over $3,000 for a collection of six!)...

(which is crazy because that certain wine actually has lower point scores than other bottles included in your collection)

But you won’t spend several thousand dollars here... you won’t pay $450... or even $300… We’ve set a great, introductory discount for your first shipment — because we want you on board. And we know that you are going to love having these wines coming to you regularly. So…

You’ll pay just $169 for your first quarter with the club (with shipping on us!)

That’s almost like paying ordinary bottle prices for these extraordinary wines!

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

(and no, you don’t have to send back the wine)


If any wine fails to impress, we’ll credit that bottle back for you. (And, no, you don’t even have to send any empty bottles back…)

Yes, you could drink every single bottle and then ask for a replacement. There’s no way we’d be able to tell. (Of course we know as a wine lover like us, you are an honest and honorable person…)

But we’re totally confident that you’ll love what you get… and want to stick around for more! Hundreds of our very satisfied customers stay with their memberships long term.

After your $169 introductory shipment, your subsequent shipments will be billed at the normal fee of $249... but there is NO obligation. We will let you know when your bottles are ready to ship. And you can cancel at any time!

So as someone who’s a true wine lover… someone who enjoys a richer, deeper wine experience… and someone who loves experiencing new, powerful flavors… this partnership is the perfect setup for you.

Imagine having your own private sommelier… seeking out the very best, unique and flavorful wines for you from around the world. And then having them shipped right to your doorstep… every three months…

  • Spare yourself those wasted bottles from disappointing choices
  • Save money by getting the best possible pricing on these hard to get wines
  • Spend more time drinking… and less time researching and shopping

So if you want more from your wine experience, if you crave new sensations, if you are open to a true wine adventure… this Partnership is perfect for you.

And since you’re still reading, you’ve likely already made your decision, haven’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t have stayed with me this far.

So let’s take everything we’ve talked about and see how you’ll thrill to taste these unique vintages…

  • You’ll learn more than ever before about wines and terroir
  • You’ll have more wonderful experiences and create those memorable moments to share with friends and family
  • You’ll experience new and different tastes and sensations
  • You’ll have a deeper satisfaction and much more enjoyment on your wine drinking journey

And we’ve made it all as simple, convenient and affordable as possible for you. Because wine is a true passion for us- and we love sharing that with everyone we can.

Do you agree that it’s true life is short? And if you are at all like us, you believe it’s for living and enjoying… in every possible way. A modest investment in maximum pleasure (and fond memories) is money well spent in our book.

So start your journey with us today… there is absolutely no risk to you. Your total satisfaction is important to us. You must be thrilled with your wine. If not, just reach out to us and we will make things right with you immediately. And with no hassles, no silly questions and no lengthy delays. But we know you’re going to love your wines, so…

Simply click in the BIG ORANGE BUTTON to get started and we’ll get your first bottles on their way to you right away...

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We send out collections of six bottles to you four times a year, once a quarter (every three months). We will notify you before sending you your wine. Please note that each shipment is billed separately. This way you can cancel anytime and not be stuck with any wine you don’t want.

How Much Does A Partnership Membership Cost?

Usually our membership costs $249 a quarter. However, as an introductory discount, your first quarter shipment – including your collection of Argentine wines – will cost just $169. On top of that, our refund policy guarantees that you’ll love what you receive… or we’ll simply give you a full refund (and the wine is yours to keep).

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Tell Me About the Partnership Team

Will Bonner is an entrepreneur, author, and the founder of the Bonner Private Wine Partnership. His family “accidentally” got into the wine business about a decade ago when his father, Bill, bought an isolated mountain ranch with one of the highest altitude vineyards in the world. Will figured that there were probably other small wineries putting out great wines that most people had probably never heard of. So, he founded the partnership to bring these wines to your doorstep.

Diego Samper is the Partnership’s “wine explorer.” He puts his boots on the ground to make deals with vineyards and bring you great wine.

Barry Gilbert is a former tech executive and Vice Chairman of Sharper Image. After retiring, Barry’s passion for wine led him to create WineVIP, an importer and distributor that allows Americans to own foreign wines at “cellar prices.” He knows the ins and outs of shipping to ensure that your wines arrive tasting just as they did in the cellar.

Julien Miquel is a former winemaker from Bordeaux, France. He has made wines all over the world- from Spain to California, including at the famous Chateau Margaux. He is the founder of the award-winning site Social Vignerons. Julien is one of the top wine expert influencers in the world.

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On subsequent shipments, we also offer a 100% refund. But you must mail back the wine to us (with corks intact). Otherwise, only a 50% refund will be issued. We do this for necessary business reasons. The potential liability would otherwise be too great for a small club like ours.

About the Bonner Private Wine Partnership

Founded by Will Bonner, the Partnership is a group of wine lovers who come together to import great, small batch wines that might otherwise get overlooked by large importers.

No middle men. No additive-packed supermarket wines. No inflated costs.


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