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Experience These Unique and Bold Extreme Altitude Wines from Argentina

Wines Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tasted Before…

Extreme-Altitude (6,000 ft+), small-batch wines you simply won’t find anywhere else…


Traditionally crafted in remote, family vineyards producing inky, rich, concentrated and powerful wines...

Uncork Wine Unlike Anything You've Ever Tasted...

Straight from the Extreme Altitudes of the Andes Mountains

Grapes are grown at an altitude of 6,000-9,000 ft and above. Intense UV light and day/night temperature swings create berries with thicker skins, meaning more tannins and flavor compounds for robust, complex wines.

Packed with Intense Flavor & Antioxidant Power

Water scarcity creates smaller berries with more concentrated flavor & the thick skins developed by these grapes have high levels of polyphenols, including flavinoids & resveratrol

Rare, Small-batch wines from Family Producers

For 200 years now, a few small families deep in the Andes mountains have been making a dark malbec wine unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. These wines are made in such small quantity, many wouldn't normally make it to the U.S.


Discovered By America's Top 'Wine Explorer'

“Way out at what felt like the end of the earth, I found families that had been making wine for 200 years... critics rave about this wine... but up until now it’s been impossible to find here in America.”

– Will Bonner, Founder, Bonner Private Wine Partnership

About the Bonner Private Wine Partnership

Founded by wine lover and adventurer Will Bonner, the Partnership is a group of wine lovers who have come together to import great, small batch wines… Unique and flavorful wines that typically get overlooked by the large importers. With Bonner Private Wines, you get the best the world has to offer, but with advantages you simply can’t get elsewhere: No middle men and their markups… No additive-packed supermarket wines… and no inflated prices. Just great, all-natural wines sourced at the vineyard and sent directly to your door.

Enjoy Your First Shipment of These Old World Malbecs from Argentina

The “Mile High” Malbec

5,700 ft

From Argentina's most desert land of extreme beauty, altitude & sunlight. Grown in the shadows of giant cacti. Extremely limited production. 93 pts (Suckling)

A Never-Before-Imported 91 pt Malbec

8,950 ft

From the 3rd highest vineyard in the world. Partnership exclusive in the US. No fining or filtration. 10x resveratrol levels and 93% less sugar than bulk grocery store reds

The "Gaucho" Malbec

6,100 ft

Cumpa is slang for "friend" used by the Gauchos of Argentina. Natural fermentation. Zero Filtration. Not available at your local supermarket or fine wine shop.

Enjoyed By Former Bordeaux Winemaker, Julien Miquel...

"I have personally traveled the world making wine as a winemaker and tasting wines from different continents, from California to Australia... through Spain, Italy and France...

...But I have never come across wines like these before!"

- Julien Miquel, AIWS

What Makes These Malbecs So Special?

Do you know where your wine comes from? Your local grocery store isn't going to mention that the mass-market wine you're buying is loaded with “mega-purple” dye and some oak extract...

Grapes from the remote vineyards of the Calchaqui Valley cling to survival through:

✓ Poor Soil (dry, dusty: excellent for grapes)

✓ Bad Weather (no rain, strong winds)

✓ Thin Atmosphere (breathing is hard work)

✓ Extreme UV levels (80% more intense than Bordeaux)

✓ Temperature drops as much as 77 degrees at night!

✓ Extreme Altitude (up to 9,000 ft.)

✓ Extreme Isolation (fewer pests require fewer chemicals)

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So if you’re someone who’s a true wine lover… someone who enjoys a richer, deeper wine experience… and if you’re someone who loves experiencing new, powerful flavors… this club membership is exactly what you’ve been seeking.

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Now, let’s be clear… this isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type of wine drinker who is content with supermarket swill and big-brand, big-box wines, that’s okay. And there are millions of others just like you… and truthfully, that’s perfectly acceptable for some (most?) people. (Let me be clear— we are wine experts and wine lovers, but we are NOT wine snobs here!)

But if like us, you want more from your wine experience, if you crave new sensations and stronger flavors… and if you are open to a true wine adventure… then this membership is perfect for you.

And because we want you to experience these wonderful wines, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. Click here for your special, introductory offer…

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