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It’s Almost Impossible to Find This Extreme Altitude Wine on American Shores…

  • One of the Highest Altitude Wines in the World (8,421 ft)
  • A Tradition 200 Years in the Making
  • Handpicked Grapes Fed with Pure, Nutrient-Rich Snowmelt
  • Rich in character and terroir
  • With notes of campfire…leather…blackberry…and camphor wood
  • ZERO unnecessary chemicals or flavor extracts
  • ZERO excessive filtration

“A great wine comes not from the soil, but from the character of the man who makes it.” – Old French Saying

Those Who Don’t Love Adventure Need Not Apply…

Flash-floods…roaring winds…steep, unpaved roads that suddenly give way to hidden valleys…and thousand feet drops… take the two-day journey to find these unique wines and you’ll understand why they’re so rare in the US…

Wines from the Last Wild Frontier

Northwestern Argentina is a land never quite conquered… where cowboys still sleep under the stars using their saddle bags as pillows…where women work looms under the early dawn’s first light…where the nearest city is six-hours away across a jagged mountain landscape…

It’s also home to a small brotherhood of men making wines that simply cannot exist anywhere else…

The Secret to a Great Wine

(and Why These Deep Red Wines Will Surprise and Delight You and Your Friends)

✓ Poor Soil (dry, dusty: excellent for grapes)

✓ Bad Weather (no rain, strong winds)

✓ Thin Atmosphere (breathing is hard work)

✓ Extreme UV levels (80% more intense than Bordeaux)

✓ Temperature drops as much as 77 degrees at night!

✓ Vines of an old Malbec variety that disappeared from Europe long ago (they were brought over before ‘The Great Blight’ wiped out European varietals in the 19th century)


A Wine 200 Years in the Making: Yours for $1

 ✓ High concentrations of polyphenols like resveratrol* – the powerful anti-oxidant that prevent free-radical damage…possibly protecting you from things like cancer and dementia

 ✓ Inky color so concentrated it turns even stainless steel bright red!

✓ Clean, pure wine (high altitude growing conditions have virtually zero pests and fungus – unlike wet regions like Bordeaux and Champagne)

✓ Bio-Dynamic (not for marketing purposes like a lot of so-called ‘organic’ wines in the US…but simply because that’s just the way they’ve always been made)

✓ Notes of fresh blackberry, charred earth, licorice, balsamic and leather

✓ Round, firm tannins


*though lab testing has not yet been done, it is thought that polyphenol levels may be more than 10 TIMES that of other wines


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